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Ways to Minimize Pain After a Dental Extraction

Having a tooth removed can be painful. Dentists offer local anesthesia but when this wears off, you will start experiencing discomfort and even pain. There are ways to deal with pain after a dental extraction, however, which can really make a difference in how positive an experience your recovery process is. If you are about to get an extraction, we have a few tips that might make all the difference in the following days of recovery.

Pain Killers

Depending on the difficulty of the procedure, you may need to use prescription pain killers. This is not the case for everyone who gets a dental extraction. For things like wisdom teeth removals, over the counter pills like Tylenol are a great option. If you do have to take stronger pills, only use them as prescribed and only for as long as your doctor tells you. Most people only need them for a day or two before they can switch to less powerful medication. If you are still on the prescribed pills, do not drive or operate any machinery, since the medication will make you dizzy and sleepy.

Ice Packs

Ice packs can make a huge difference in how you feel after a dental extraction of any kind. Ice packs will numb the affected area, providing relief from discomfort and even pain. Be sure to use the packs in 10 minute intervals.

 Eat Carefully

Your dentist will tell you the kind of foods that you will be able to eat depending on the procedure you had done. For most people this means liquids, at first, followed by soft foods. It may take a couple of days to be able to eat solids again without discomfort. Most dentists will also tell you to stay away from foods that are very hot or very cold, since this can aggravate the pain. Alcohol should not be consumed, especially if you are taking strong pain killers.

Restrict Activity

You want to speed up the healing process as much as possible and this can only be done if you take the time to rest. Restrict all strenuous activity, and spend as much time sitting still as you can. Be sure not to lay down completely flat, since this can prevent the bleeding from stopping. Instead, prop your head up with a pillow to sleep. Also, be sure to avoid smoking or using tobacco in any way. Smoking can also slow down the recovery process.

Going through a dental extraction can be a tough thing. It can be painful and stressful, and can get in the way of your everyday activities. There is no reason you should feel severe pain, however. Emergency dentists will be able to tell you how to treat pain, whether by using prescription medications or over the counter pills, and they will offer other practical tips to keep in mind. Wohrman Dental Group is one of the clinics that you can turn to foe procedures like dental root canals and other extractions. Turn to experts to get the results you want.

The importance of an emergency dentist

Our teeth are incredibly important for all of us, both for the practicality of being able to chew and digest our food properly as well for our self worth and feeling like we can smile at people and have it be beautiful. Because our teeth and out smiles play an important part in our lives in a number of different regards, when something unexpected happens and you or someone in your family has an accident that breaks or does something else terrible to your teeth it can be rather scary. This happens all of the time though, especially for kids who play sports or who just like to play a bit rougher than most other kids. If you are lucky all of the accidents and bad things happen to any remaining baby teeth but most of the time we are not quite that lucky. In cases where it really matters and adult teeth are at stake, it is important to have an emergency dentist on hand that can help you fix whatever problems that you might be dealing with. Emergency dentists like the Wohrman Dental Group have seen it all when it comes to emergency situations and have experience fixing all different kinds of problems that affect both children as well as adults. Depending of course on what happened and what the problem is, usually one of the dentists at Wohrman Dental Group can get you into the chair in no time at all and start working on your emergency extraction, tooth fill or whatever else it is that you need in order to get your mouth back to being happy and healthy. Their team of dentists have experience with any and every kind of dental problem so you can trust that they have the experience and the skill set to get you back in shape.

When it comes to any kind of emergency dentist situation, what is the most important is that you go as quickly as possible to the emergency dentist and don’t wait around and waste time. You would be surprised at what kinds of things emergency dentists like the ones at Wohrman Dental Group can do as long as they get to it quick enough. Most of t he time knocked out teeth can be reattached and chipped teeth can be filled quite easily. Of course the longer that you wait the more difficult it is going to be to do some of these things and for sure the longer you wait the loner you are going to be in pain. Dental pain is some of the worst for a lot of people and getting into an emergency dentist to get everything fixed up and possibly get you some kind of pain killers is going to be a very important step in making sure that you feel better and are able to get on with your important day. If you don’t already have an emergency dentist that you know of in your area, check out Wohrman Dental Group and keep them in mind the next time you have some sort of accident.